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Sahara Oasis Pool Paint

Surf Blue, White and Lane Marking Black.

Sahara Oasis Pool Paint

Sahara Oasis Swimming Pool PaintSahara Oasis Swimming Pool Paint beautifies and protects pools from exposure to weather and water providing an easy to clean and water-tight surface. This product is great for pools and other cement or concrete surfaces that need to hold water. Sahara Oasis Swimming Pool Paint is designed for:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Country Clubs
  • Health clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Community Centers
  • City Owned Pools
  • Private Swimming Pools

Sahara Oasis Pool Paint is a solvent-thinned chlorinated vinyl toluene-acrylate, low luster coating for use on unpainted or previously painted concrete swimming pools. This pool paint will smooth or fill the rough surfaces of concrete and reduces the chances of abrasion or scratches to the swimmers. This product will protect those concrete surfaces that can slowly deteriorate from exposure to weather and water. Application may be by brush, roller or sprayer.

Swimming Pool Paint Unit Size Case Quantity Unit Price
5210 - White (Box) 1 Gallon 4 $49.90
5210 - White (Pail) 5 Gallon 1 $247.50
5217 - Surf Blue (Box) 1 Gallon 4 $49.90
5217 - Surf Blue (Pail) 5 Gallon 1 $247.50
5224 - Black (Box) 1 Gallon 4 $49.90

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