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About The Davis Paint Company

Since 1921

Who We Are

Davis Paint OutsideSince 1921 the Davis Paint Company has been known for manufacturing top quality paints for homeowners, contractors, architects and coatings for industrial applications. At Davis, the quality goes into the product before the product goes in the can. We believe if you make a great product, customers will find you, and for over 101 years, Davis has made that great product.

Located in North Kansas City, Missouri, Davis Paint manufactures multiple lines of paint: Davis Industrial Coatings, Davis Architectural Paint, Cook Consumer Paint, Sahara Oasis Swimming Pool Paint, Eli Weatherby's Exterior Wood Stains, Master Painter Contractor Coatings and the top quality Hold-Tite house paint. Along with the Davis branded products we manufacture Private Label coatings for numerous customers. We designed this site to help you find the product(s) or service(s) that will meet or exceed your needs.

Our History

Berry J. DavisThe story of Davis Paint, founded in 1921 by Berry Davis, is unique because he was highly innovative in the manner in which he launched the company and nursed it through its early years. Mr. Davis began his company at his home in Kansas City with a sales plan, $150.00 in postage stamps, a mailing list and some printed material.

What resulted was the building up of an "agency paint business", somewhat similar to the Fuller Brush Company's system of operation. When orders came in he would supply the paint. Mr. Davis believed most of his business would come from the sale of kits to the agents, not from the sale of paint. Mr. Davis found almost immediately he was wrong; a surprisingly large number of orders for paint came in. This method of operation came to a climax in the late Twenties and early Thirties when the mailing amounted to an estimated three to five million letters annually.

Physically, the company grew rapidly. Before 1925, Davis Paint had purchased all its paint from a Kansas City producer. In that year, it also began buying from a Cleveland firm. In 1926, the owners of the Cleveland operation sold the equipment and the business to Davis Paint. Cleveland quickly proved a success; and, in 1928, Mr. Davis decided to get into the paint manufacturing business himself in Kansas City. Within a few years the Davis Paint Brand, Ever Bright, became widely known to paint users in rural and urban areas, particularly in the Midwest and Great Plains states. The product is still today a popular trade sales interior and exterior house paint.

Davis Paint currently makes coatings to supply four basic markets: our company operated service center, dealer outlets, private label distribution and industrial sales. In 1982 Davis Paint acquired a license agreement to manufacture certain architectural coatings of the Cook Paint Company. Since that time it has continued to market some architectural coatings under the Cook Label. Davis Paint's other products carry the names Davis Paint, Davis Industrial Coatings and Sahara Waterproof Masonry Coatings.

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